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These educational and entertaining events feature the PLB Comics team sharing in the process of comic book creation. From inception to completion, PLB's writers and artists will guide attendees through the course of creating their very own comic books. Crafting riveting stories, laying out pages, drawing, inking, lettering, and editing will all be touched on. These workshops are perfect for both children and adults who have an interest in creating comics, manga, graphic novels, or sequential art of any kind.

The event runs for 2 hours. During the first part, the PLB team gives a visual presentation. During this time all the major components of creating a finished comic book are touched on, from script writing to pasting up a finished product, it will all be discussed. The Workshop's second part finds attendees getting a hands on look. Attendees will create a short script. Scripts are then traded among the class, and students then draw from another's script while being encouraged to interact with the script's writer if they have questions. This stresses not only writing ability, and artistic expression, but also the ability to work with others to get a project done.

Attendees will also be sent home with an information packet that summarizes everything discussed during the event, as well as a list of valuable resources to help them along in creating their very own comics. Not only that, but all attendees will get an age appropriate comic book to take home.

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